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Air Freshener because emissions toxic health effects

Do you use air fresheners? Do you think really freshens the air? Well, watching television commercials, you might think are made of flowers and freshen the air-as if you had put fresh cut flowers all around your House. However, most air fresheners actually have the opposite effect and make it more polluted the air of your home!

Our houses are already generally very poor air quality due to many chemicals that are now in our cleaning supplies, household, construction materials such as paints, carpets and furniture and home furnishings such as mattresses, sofas and more. In fact, even if the air is polluted in general out where you live, it’s a good bet that the air inside of your home is more polluted than outside. So you really want to make the indoor air quality even worse with so-called deodorants?

Study has shown that mice died from exposure to air fresheners

Chemically sensitive people and people with asthma have long complained of ill health effects from breathing air fresheners. But now a study actually looked at the health effects of deodorants. Even with just one hour shows, to levels at which many people are exposed in their homes, increased lung irritation as well as type asthma symptoms and behavioural changes were observed. Some of the mice also died when they had to breathe the fumes of air freshener.

As another part of their study, the researchers added a deodorant for a newly painted room, to see if it would actually make the best air quality, as many people believe. Instead, the behavioural and increased respiratory symptoms, which only makes sense when you realize that deodorants emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as most paints do.

Deodorants do not refresh your air and can be dangerous

In material data safety sheet (MSDS), the manufacturer actually recommends using a vapor respirator if the concentration is high because of the heat. I am ready to admit that “high concentrations of vapor exceeds the permissible exposure level of respiration can cause headache, nervousness, dizziness, tremors, fatigue and nausea.” There is no suggestion of allowable exposure level and I have no idea how someone can avoid exceeding it. The conclusion after reading this study is that “air fresheners” including solid sticks, oil-based and other plug-ins and spray should not be used to cover odors in your home, your school or your Office. They are clearly just adding chemicals you breathe and cause negative reactions in many people.

Even if you don’t have asthma or chemical sensitivity, do yourself and your family a favor not to use deodorant. Many people have noticed how when they stopped using deodorants and perfumes in their homes, perhaps for the sake of someone else, various health problems have improved, such as headache, fatigue, insomnia and more.

Note: there is also some evidence that perfumes, including deodorants and laundry detergent have an “addictive”. This may be why some people love perfumes that are emitted from them. This does not change the toxicity of chemicals used to make these fragrances, however, and it’s really appropriate that you stop using any synthetic perfumes.

Instead of using a deodorant, try just keep the home clean and opening the Windows to get some fresh air. If you want to add some kind of scent to your home, investigate with natural Potpourri natural organic essential oils instead of petrochemical-based synthetic fragrances.

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